Brand & Design Collaborators

Not all designers are moody jerks.
People do business with people they like.
We say that a lot, and it’s true.

It also helps to deliver rock solid work on time, and to be up front about pricing after we’ve had a good conversation (or informative email exchange if that's what you're into).

Where do we fit in with your team?


You’ve got your brand in order, but need an extra set of hands.

USA Football’s marketing department stays busy. Real busy. They have established brand standards and tons of projects that must adhere to those standards. Every time. Sometimes they get so busy they need an extra set of hands, and that’s where we come in. We’re flexible enough to dive into emergency projects on the fly, using your standards and direction to run with projects from beginning to end.

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You’re part of an internal marketing team that may or may not be overworked.

Barnes & Thornburg, LLP is a national law firm. That means a lot of marketing to a lot of markets. Luckily for us, they trust us… a lot. From helping to develop and design brand ads seen across the country, to putting together an emergency email invite with two-hour notice. Design work, production work and everything in between.

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You need to inject some new creative juice into your identity.

Not only is the Indiana Golf Foundation a great organization that promotes and advances the game of golf, they’re a great organization that understands the value of keeping their brand fresh and relevant. We’ve had the good fortune to help create IGF’s brand and print materials for over 9 years. Magazines, brochures, logos, you name it. Whether you’re a non-profit, small start-up, or an established company looking for something new, we’re game.

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You are a marketing company or business consultant… but need design support.

It’s good to focus on what you’re good at (hey, we get it). A lot of marketing and business consulting groups don’t have a need for full-time designers. That’s where we come in. The Butler Business Consulting Group is a team of experts that help companies solve high-level challenges, and they often bring us in to assist on the creative side when it benefits their clients.

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